Connecting You Across Australia

At Make A Connection, we’re dedicated to linking you to the best utilities in every state and capital city across Australia. Whether you’re in the bustling streets of Sydney or the serene coastlines of Perth, our services cover every corner of this great nation.

Join us at Make A Connection and experience the ease of managing all your utility needs under one roof

Electricity – Powering Your Life

New South Wales (Sydney): Experience uninterrupted power in Sydney with our top-notch electricity connections. Victoria (Melbourne): Keep Melbourne’s lights shining bright with our reliable electricity services. Queensland (Brisbane): From the Gold Coast to Brisbane, stay powered 24/7. Western Australia (Perth): Illuminate your Perth home with our efficient electricity plans. South Australia (Adelaide): Adelaide’s energy needs are covered with our comprehensive electricity solutions. Tasmania (Hobart): Keep your Hobart home warm and well-lit year-round. Australian Capital Territory (Canberra): Power your Canberra residence or business with our tailored electricity options. Northern Territory (Darwin): Ensure your Darwin property is always powered with our dependable electricity services.

Gas – Fueling Comfort

New South Wales (Sydney): Warm your Sydney home with our safe and sustainable gas options. Victoria (Melbourne): Experience Melbourne’s most reliable home heating with our gas services. Queensland (Brisbane): Brisbane’s cooking and heating are made easy with our efficient gas solutions. Western Australia (Perth): Keep your Perth household cozy with our top-quality gas connections. South Australia (Adelaide): Adelaide’s gas needs are met with our comprehensive and affordable services.

Internet – Connecting You to the World

New South Wales (Sydney): Enjoy blazing-fast internet speeds in Sydney for seamless connectivity. Victoria (Melbourne): Stay connected in Melbourne with our high-speed internet options. Queensland (Brisbane): Brisbane’s best internet service keeps you online, always. Western Australia (Perth): Experience Perth’s most reliable internet connections for work and play. South Australia (Adelaide): Adelaide’s internet needs are sorted with our wide range of plans. Tasmania (Hobart): Connect to the world from Hobart with our exceptional internet services. Australian Capital Territory (Canberra): Supercharge your Canberra home or office with our fast and reliable internet. Northern Territory (Darwin): Stay connected in Darwin with our top-tier internet solutions.